History Museum of Yerevan

The opening ceremony of personal exhibition of Kristina Oganezova will take place at the History Museum of Yerevan on August 14, at 18:00. The exhibition ceremony will open Karen Aghamyan, the president of the Union of Artists, Armenia. The exhibition will last till August 24.

Kristina Oganezova is a member of the International Union of Artists (Estonia), as well as Head of Representation in Armenia, also a honorary member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia.
The artist performs her creations with brushes, painting knives (pallet knives) and acrylic on canvas. The artist’s work is a combination of classic and modern techniques. During the exhibition, guests will enjoy a unique combination of colors, the painting style developed by the artist, and meet the author.

On the opening day, the artist will start painting a new canvas, which will be donated to the History Museum of Yerevan on August 24, at 17:00, at the closing ceremony.


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