Bright and vivid colors, heroes full of energy and emotions, picturesque, unrepeatable, charming images. The paintings of artist Kristina Oganezz can be described in a variety of ways, but it is a little bit difficult to present the whole palette reflected in her paintings. Her works are a combination of classic and modern techniques.The themes of her paintings vary from unique animals to colorful flowers, from Armenians of the world to spiritual topics. Her paintings are based on love for the universe, for people and for the nature. Her paintings are revealing the images enclosed inside the painter, the artist’s imagination seems to rise moving her to a completely different world of art … And that is how the miracle is created.

The Armenian-born artist Kristina Oganezz started her practice in the Art world at the age of 3 attending Henrik Igityan National Centre for Aesthetics. In childhood, she participated in many exhibitions as a talented child. In her teenage years, she continued to draw paintings, and later on, she also learned graphic design and photography. She took private art classes from famous Armenian artists to master her painting skills. She also has 2 degrees in linguistics and economics.

Kristina Oganezz is a member of International Association of Art (IAA) – USA, Member of  Portrait Society of America, and an honorary member of the Union of Artists of Armenia. The Armenian artist has had a solo, group exhibitions in Armenia and abroad. Her works are housed in private, state-museum collections. In particular, one of Oganezz’s works can be found in the Yerevan History Museum. She created new art concept- preaching exhibition and bird-numbers in the frame of hew unique art project “Bird of the Holy Spirit”

In 2020 Oganezz was awarded the Frida Kahlo Prize in Milan for her painting – Charles Aznavour’s portrait.